Illusia Productions offers audio production and post-production related services. Our voice pool consists of over a hundred voice-over artists and a dozen singers, and our team also includes several experienced composers and audio engineers, including an award-winning producer from Ukraine.
We provide tailored voice-overs, commercial jingles, ghost productions, session vocals, sound effects/foley, audio restoration, mixing/mastering, you name it
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Vocal Services

The ethereal, soft, powerful or groovy vocals you’re looking for!

Voice Overs

Professional voice overs to deliver your memorable message.


Great mastering puts the finishing touches to the music you worked hard to create.

Music Production

Custom productions of any genre, with creativity and passion!

Sound Design

To add depth to the soundscape and highlight the atmosphere.

Audio Restoration

When the audio needs repairing or enhancing, we are here to assist.



Illusia Productions is the brainstorm of two artists sharing the same passion for all audio-related matters. Things began rolling when Finnish singer/composer Heli (better known as Romy) and German producer/audio engineer Stefan decided to take their longtime hobby to the next level.

Heli’s emotive approach to creating, combined with Stefan’s technical skills and know-how, these two now make an unstoppable duo, leading their team and offering you some of their talent, with over 20 years of experience in music.

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