Illusia Productions - for all your audio needs!

What we do

Illusia Productions offers music production and post-production related services. 
Services include songwriting, composing, vocal services and mixing/mastering services.

Voice-overs and narrations, commercial jingles, custom songs for parties/theme songs, session vocals, custom acapellas for producers and dj’s, music logos/intros, you name it.

NEWS! We have just launched an online-store on this site, where you can purchase royalty-free vocals and music, as well as loops, sound effects and audio logos!!! Have a look!

Who we are

Illusia Productions was founded by two artists sharing the same passion for all music-related matters; Finnish singer/composer Romy and German producer/audio engineer Stefan (aka Deerob).

Romy’s emotive approach to creating, combined with Stefan’s technical skills and knowhow, these two now make an unstoppable team and wish to offer you some of their talent, with 20 years of experience in music.

Listen to our samples and send an inquiry to get an offer for your project!
We serve in English, German and Finnish.

Send us a mail to info (a)
or use the contact sheet.